Genesee County may pass new ‘bed tax’ law | Local News

BATAVIA – Genesee County’s lawmakers will be able to include public comments on Nov. 22nd on a proposal to expand the types of accommodations that would require customers to pay a 3% bed tax for each night.

Legislators would schedule the hearing when they meet on the second floor of the Old Courthouse, 7 Main St. County at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday Airbnb, Flipkey, VRBO, etc.

The applicable law only applies to six or more rental units. This has been removed so that the proposed law even applies to a unit if someone rents a house, cottage, apartment, etc., Earl said.

“It doesn’t apply unless a unit is rented for more than 14 days during a calendar year,” he said.

Chair Rochelle Stein said temporary accommodation options such as Airbnb and private homes that are temporarily rented will be added.

“Accommodation options such as locations that are rented for more than 14 days; Examples – houses, cabins, and cabins on campsites. Airbnb actually reached out to the county to introduce the bed tax, ”she said.

The definition of “hotel or motel” has changed to include the following: condominiums, tourist facilities, establishments known or commonly known as “bed and breakfasts”, private homes or other accommodations that are rented through booking companies.

Stein said the 3% nightly bed tax would not change from the current law.

“The bed tax is used solely for the purpose of advertising and promoting tourism in Genesee County,” she said.

The public hearing, if scheduled for Wednesday, would take place during the Legislature’s session on November 22nd at 5:30 p.m.

“All district meetings are held on Zoom and put on the agenda,” she said. Stein said Legislature Secretary Lisa Casey will collect public notices on the matter, which will be emailed to [email protected]

“The MPs can also turn to their district legislature. If someone cannot attend a public hearing on a proposed local law in person, there is always an option to send a letter, email or fax to the Legislative Secretary in advance, ”Stein said.

The President of the Genesee Chamber of Commerce, Erik Fix.

Erik Fix, president of the Genesee County’s Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber’s stance has always been that the hotels and hotels that currently levy bed tax are at a disadvantage compared to those that don’t.

“I know when we talk about it and it comes up, that’s how they feel. It’s not something they keep going home with us. They are just trying to do their normal business. You don’t have time to think about these things so we’re just trying to stand up for them, ”he said.

Fix said the Chamber of Commerce wants to make sure consumers know it is the sites that are booking the tax, not the owners of the accommodation companies.

If the county legislature approves the law, it would go into effect January 1.

The proposed law states that bed tax will not be levied on:

• Permanent residents with an occupancy of more than 30 days;

• People who have been taken to a hotel or motel by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army or other similar organizations for emergency shelters, shelters for needy or homeless people;

• Any state, state, local, or other state taxes;

• Exempt Organizations: Unless otherwise provided by law, bed tax is exempt from: New York State or a public corporation, improvement district, or political division of the state; the United States; any corporation or association or foundation or community treasury, fund or foundation that is organized and operated solely for religious, charitable or educational purposes or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.


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