Gates speaks out about 106 yr old veteran waiting for long-term care bed in Niagara

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates pronounces a veteran who has been waiting in the area for a long-term care bed.

In Question Time today, Gates shared the story of Burd Sisler, a 106-year-old World War II veteran who has been waiting for a care bed in Fort Erie for months.

“Seniors in Niagara who need the support of a nursing home should be able to quickly find one in their own community. That’s especially true for veterans like Burd, who has been trying to get into a Fort Erie nursing home for six months and still doesn’t know when a bed might go up. “

Gates says that Sisler lived in Fort Erie his entire life, and he made many contributions to the community.

“The Ford government needs to make sure Burd and his family get the extra support he needs and help him finally get a long-term care bed in Fort Erie.”

“What Burd and so many other seniors in Niagara need are safe, publicly funded, nonprofit long-term care homes that guarantee at least four hours of hands-on care each day. Ford refuses to provide a high standard of care to senior citizens in Ontario, only the New Democrats have a long-term care plan that treats seniors with dignity and provides the support that families in Niagara need. “

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