Gardener Makes the Coolest Spiral Raised Bed Garden

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When you think of garden beds, what comes to mind? For me its traditional rows of large metal tin or wooden framed beds, filled with lush green fruits and veggies.

Creating garden beds can look different for each person, but a majority of at home above gardeners tend to stick with simplicity as a design when crafting their garden beds.

Wild gardener and innovative thinker @microflowerfarm on TikTok created quite a unique design for their raised garden beds, and once the plants bloom in full it will be quite stunning!

The gardener starts out the video saying “Impractical? yes worth it? Totally!” and we think so too, this would take quite some work to do but when the plants are in full bloom th spiral garden bed will look so cool and beats and plain jane boring and traditional garden bed.

The gardener uses medium size bulb crates- which are lightweight- to make an over the top and oversized spiral design, that will house different varieties of tulips. Once the plants are in full bloom the TikToker plans to post more videos of the design, so be sure to check back!


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