From now, BEd students can take exams in Hindi | Kolkata News

Kolkata: Higher education made it possible for students to write BEd answer scripts in Hindi in this academic session.
In an order issued Tuesday, the ministry allowed the West Bengal Institute of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration to give Hindi speakers permission to write their answer scripts in Hindi if they so choose.
A section of the department believes that the decision has been made to support large numbers of Hindi-speaking populations in the urban areas of the state.
The university has more than 460 affiliated colleges offering the course, and a large proportion of the students taking the course are native speakers of Hindi. The government order does not apply to private institutes offering BEd courses.
“This has been a long-standing request from some students and teachers that students should be able to write their work in Hindi if they so choose. The government has finally approved all students studying at WBUTTEPA affiliated colleges. The order will be implemented from this year, ”said an official from the university.
BEd – of Bachelor of Education – is a two-year degree program that is compulsory for those pursuing a career in teaching. It is now mandatory even for those teaching in state schools to complete their BEd in order to qualify for teaching. All major bodies have made the course compulsory.
“It is now a very important course that is imperative to get a teaching position. Thousands of students apply for this course every year because without it, there is nowhere else to teach, ”said a university official.
Most students prefer to enroll in state colleges as the fee at private colleges to get a BEd degree goes to the lakhs.
“There are several native Hindi speakers in the urban areas of the state such as Kolkata, Asansol and Kharagpur. This decision is part of an attempt to gain their support, ”said a Trinamool leader who serves on multiple education committees.
“BEd has become an important course and writing exams in your own language increases the likelihood of doing well. In several elections over the next few years, the government will recruit teachers to benefit these students, ”said an Education Department official.


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