From Bed, “La Babeshita” Shows Off Her Curves With A Neon Bikini

Daniela Alexis Barcelo Trillo, better known as “La Babeshita” It caused an uproar on social networks during the last hours because it published a photo with which it was demonstrated why it is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of show business as it turns out that The fine host of “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana” shows off her curves from the bed wearing a tiny neon bikiniWhich earned him dozens of accolades from his fans and even other celebrities.

It was through his official Instagram profile where “La Babeshita” spread the daring photo in question, which was intended solely, and exclusively, please the disciples of his more than three million followers on the said platform, Where it is a phenomenon because of its extraordinary beauty.

“La Babeshita” stole dozens of sighs with her daring postcard. Photo: IG: babeshitadani

As mentioned earlier, for this picture “La Babeshita” poses lying on her bed And the OnlyFans singer and star also showed off her curves thanks to a teeny neon pink bikini, Which barely covered her as they were just a few pieces of clothes, however, what attracted her fans the most was the way she pointed at the camera which was more than seductive.

That the photo in question of “La Babeshita” did not go unnoticed by her millions of followers on social networks, proof of this Thousands of likes were accumulated on his postcard in a few hours, Furthermore, the comment box of her post was flooded with hundreds of compliments from her fans and even other celebrity personalities.

“You Are Made of Chocolate”, “More Beautiful Every Day”, “Cool Woman”, “The Most Beautiful of All”, “Simply Divine”, “A Queen” and “You’re a Goddess” These were some of the accolades received by “La Babeshita,” who just turned 32 just a few weeks ago.

“La babeshita” is a phenomenon on social networks. Photo: IG: babeshitadani

“La Babeshita” faces serious health problems

Gabo Cuevas, journalist and partner of “La Babeshita” in “VLA”, announces The influencer and singer should undergo surgery asap Since you run the risk of one of the implants placed in your breasts falling out And according to the former participant of “Survivor Mexico” it was caused by malpractice, moreover, than expected, the driver in this situation is more than worried, who will raise funds to have a new surgery to correct the problem.

“La Babeshita” has not spoken openly about her health problems. Photo: IG: babeshitadani

According to the statements of Gabo Cuevas, “La Babeshita” is scheduled to operate between March and April 2023, however, Dear Driver is still not open about his delicate health problem, Which has all her fans more worried, however, it is expected that it will be in the next few days when she herself will clarify what her actual health condition is.

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