‘Freaked Out’ Hawk Rescued After Week In Brooklyn Netflix Studio

BROOKLYN, NY – A freaky young hawk got an involuntary glimpse into Netflix’s latest thriller this week while trapped in the company’s Brooklyn studios.

The bird – named after the series filmed in the room – was named “Watcher” after spending seven days in the production studio, which opened in Bushwick earlier this year, according to the Wild Bird Fund.

“Understandably freaked out, this youngster was finally caught and brought to us by a bird removal company that lured the hawk with a pet shop rat,” the organization wrote on Thursday.

The under-a-year-old Coopers Falcon was rescued from the studio by bird removal company Meridian, which has kept the bird and the rat (which is alive and has been adopted!)

Despite his time in the studio, the bird was “vigilant and aggressive” when he was brought to the rehabilitation center.

“A few days of supportive care should be all this child needs,” said WBF.

Before he found himself in the studio, the falcon was already a long way from home, said employees. The bird was banded in Maryland, which means it migrated to New York City from there.

“The hawk is thin and a little dehydrated, but otherwise fine,” WBF’s Catherine Quayle told Patch. “We hope for a quick release.”

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