Four in a Bed contestants reveal secrets of the show and how bosses provoke drama

Four in a Bed, where B&B owners spend a night at their competitors’ venues, rate their stay and what they would pay for it, has been a firm favorite since cameras began in 2010.

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Four in one bed candidate brought to doctors during filming

A couple vying for Four in a Bed to win have revealed some of the program’s great secrets, saying the producers love to step up the drama.

In the very British B&B competition, proud owners compete against each other to show which couple has the best deal – and it almost always sparkles.

You will be judged on everything from the breakfast, the room size, the overall experience, the cleanliness of the facilities and of course the hospitality.

Things often get tense – and the game’s allegations are pretty much an occurrence in every episode.

Now two of the stars of the latest series have taken fans behind the scenes.

Contestants Julie and Neale shared some of the show’s great secrets with fans


Channel 4)

Julie and Neale, who own the Copperfields Vegetarian Guest House in Kent, announced that filming took over 14 days.

They also say that C4 bosses like nothing more than to provoke a bit of tension between them.

In an interview with Metro, Julie said, “You asked us a lot of questions that we later realized were important because the questions she asked had a huge impact on who they put you with on the show.

“They asked us things like, ‘What do you hate most when you go to another bed and breakfast?’

“If you said, ‘I hate dogs,’ then you would be exposing you to someone who has dogs.

“That wasn’t clear to us at the time, we were just being very honest and direct. So they played us off with a Scottish couple who were very meat-oriented.”

Neale also said the couple had to redecorate an entire room and move because they weren’t very “camera-friendly”.

TV bosses often send you to places you’d rather not get, they said


Channel 4)

On the Channel 4 show, which is similar to Come Dine With Me, four different groups of B&B owners compete against each other to win an iconic gold plaque.

The owners spend the night in their competitors’ eateries, rate their stay and state what they would pay for it – but sometimes the competitive spirit prevails and they sell each other empty in order to win.

The show made headlines in 2020 when Trip Advisor ratings were suspended at a guest house after owners tried to sabotage other attendees.

The guest house’s Trip Advisor page states, “Due to a recent event that caught media attention and resulted in an influx of reviews that do not describe a first-hand experience, we have stopped posting new reviews for this listing temporarily suspended.

“If you have experienced this property first hand, please come back soon – we look forward to your review!”

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