Forest Park Bed Bath and Beyond closing

The Forest Park Bed Bath and Beyond location, 215 S. Harlem Ave., is one of the 87 locations slated to close as the home goods chain is poised on the brink of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The closing was announced Jan. 30, six months after Bed Bath and Beyond closed 150 locations nationwide. It is not clear how soon the store, which opened inside the building in 2004, will close. Forest Park Mayor Rory Hoskins said he hopes to see another retailer come into the building, and while he hasn’t heard anyone reach out to the village, he expects that to change soon.

The 25,000 square foot building at 215 S. Harlem Ave. has seen many uses over the years. It started out as a National Tea Company grocery store location in 1964. A&P grocery store bought the space in 1976. Butera Finer Foods grocery store bought out the lease in 1981, only to close in 1987. After that, it was home to F & M Drug store, a Pep Boys auto service shop and even a temporary main branch of the Oak Park Public Library while the current main library building was being built at 834 Lake St. in 2002 and 2003.

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