Forest Officer Has Built 300+ ‘Jugaad’ Innovations

THe says need is inventive, and 54-year-old canoe shark Karkar, a resident of Junagadj, Gujarat, sums it up perfectly. Many of his fantastic innovations aim to introduce a bit of luxury into the life of the average middle class person in a pocket-friendly way.

Kanubhai says he always aims to do smart work instead of hard work. In fact, this is a factor that drove him to conjure up new ideas.

“I was born and raised in a poor family, so I tried to find a solution to every problem we encountered. All of my inventions were originally intended to change or repair damage in our home. In the course of things and my innovations, I now try to help others well with these ideas, ”Kanubhai told The Better India.

He says his work involves “less cost and more brain”. He trusts the trial and error method and tries to use existing resources to create something new. This also helps him lead a sustainable life. His house is thus a center of invisible utilities that makes several tedious tasks easy. That saves money, effort and time, he says.

Inventions for the common man

The “three-in-one bed” is one of his favorite innovations.

This is a lifesaver for petty bourgeois houses with less space, but also for hostels, apartments and chargeable guest rooms. He believes that this is a real invention for the common man that can be used as an alternative to expensive beds.

Kanubhai Karkar, Gujarati Forest Officer, invented more than 300 utilities, 3 of which in 1 bed is a hit
Canoe shark with its innovation.

The innovation is a sofa bed in the shape of a cot. Three cots have been placed one inside the other and can be opened or closed as required. The bed can be converted into a king-size bed or a single bed. Wheels are attached to the bottom of the feet of the bed for easy movement. A stand for a mosquito net is also attached. The cost of this bed is Rs 3,500.

While Kanubhai designed the bed to be like a cot, he says it can be framed with wood. “However, it is said that sleeping on a cot is good for your waistline and health in general,” he adds.

Kanubhai says he thinks day and night about making new discoveries. “All of these inventions are the result of my efforts in thought. I try to help others by making things up to make everyday work easier, ”he said.


Advertising banners

In addition to the bed, Kanubhai has also made a training device for 30,000 rupees that 25 to 30 people can use to train at the same time. He says the Gujarat governor also stopped by to see this machine and appreciate his skills. His house was also awarded the State Government’s Sreshta Ghar Puraskar for such innovative ideas.

Most of Kanubhai’s innovations were created out of necessity, he says. He related of one such incident: “In 1986 there was a severe storm in Saurashtra. The roof of every house in our village was blown away by the wind. I made holes in the roof of all the brick houses and tied them with bamboo. This prevented the tiles from flying. “

Kanubhai, a first-tier officer in the Gujarat Forestry Department, is due to retire next year. He hopes to come up with 52 new inventions in the remaining 52 weeks of his tenure. To complete this list, he has already built 15 innovations.

To learn more about Kanubhai’s inventions, you can check out his YouTube channel.

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