For some, dressing the bed is an art form

Beds should be comfortable and enriching. Gone are the days when beds were just a function. Nowadays, for some, dressing the bed is an art form that involves a series of pillows, many layers, and textures.

A central throw pillow in the same color palette as the bed linen creates a feeling of cohesion. (Handout / TNS)
Bedding with simple piping gives a sense of modernity. (Scott Gabriel Morris / TNS)
A king bed is made luxurious by layering it. Three layers, sheets, duvet and duvet cover complete the look. (Handout / TNS)
A children’s room is enhanced by the use of a graphic bedspread and a colored blanket. (Scott Gabriel Morris / TNS)

Create a mood

How should you feel in your bedroom? Would you like the room to feel warm and cozy, or cool and calm?

Whatever you choose, you will want to make the right choices that will help you find the right balance. Warm colors help make a room feel cozy, while cool colors create a feeling of calm and serenity.

Choose a design aesthetic

Modern or Traditional? What’s your aesthetic? Once you know your personal style and wishes, this will guide you in choosing the perfect bed linen.

Traditional? Look for soft fabrics and small simple prints.

More modern? Think of clean elements like piping or stripes and clean graphic prints.


Where do you start? When creating the ideal bed, think about layers. Essentials include lush sheets, a high-quality quilt, followed by a high-quality cotton duvet cover with a duvet insert.

Many designers recommend using flat sheets as opposed to a flat and fitted sheet. The top sheets should be one size larger than the mattress size so that they can be stowed away adequately.

Save or splurge?

Pillow, pillow, pillow. Pillows are a designer’s secret weapon. They allow one to swap in and out of color and texture instantly. Luxurious, high quality pillows add instant glamor to almost any bedroom.

Slide is another area where you’ll want to spend a lot. In many cases, the quality of the film corresponds to the price. Where can you save? Aside from the basics of sheets and duvet covers, fringed items like bed skirts and throws are probably what could be saved.

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