Follow Friday: Yamini Nambimadom Quarantine Interview

Thanks to the coronavirus, Comedians are trapped at home now like the rest of us, so we’ve decided that while we all isolate ourselves, we’ll do something different than usual “Follow Friday” column. Instead of interviewing aspiring comedians we love on Twitter, we go live on Instagram every week to speak to some of our favorite comedy people to see firsthand how they are dealing with the pandemic. Welcome to our new version of the column entitled “Follow (from a safe distance) Friday”.

This week I put on my lucky hat for a virtual conversation with Yamini Nambimadom (Pillow fight, Second City, noted Zillennial) how she is doing after Vaxx, but still before the end of the pandemic. She immediately made me blush with her fandom of mine Bring! With Ruff Ruffman Days explained why Twitter is one of the best places to get your news and gave white women some excellent advice on how to take advantage of their busy season, Christian Girl Fall. She also gave an incredibly informed and logical answer to my favorite fuck / marry / kill prompts (bed, shower, refrigerator): “I would marry my bed. I think it was there for me in all sorts of things, you see? I could use someone else’s refrigerator, someone else’s shower, and I wouldn’t be put off. But sleep in someone else’s bed? Not the same.”

You can find Yamini Twitter at @showmetheyamz and on Instagram at @yaminidoescomedy.

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