Five-year-old disabled princess is ‘happiest girl in the world’ with new supportive bed

A five-year-old princess with cerebral palsy is the “happiest little girl in the world” after receiving her new pretty pink profile bed thanks to donations from generous fundraising campaigns.

Sofia McCubbin, from Dalrymple, urgently needed a new support bed, which the NHS unfortunately could not fund as it only offered used adult hospital beds.

A fundraising campaign was started back in June to collect the money to get little Sofia – who was born 15 weeks early – a brand new, colorful hospital bed that is more child-friendly.

And now, having received her royal princess bed, Sofia counts sheep as she settles for a good night’s sleep.

The profiled crib has padded side rails and vinyl sides to keep Sofia safe and comfortable
The profiled crib has padded side rails and vinyl sides to keep Sofia safe and comfortable

Mother Melissa Berretti, 27, said the family will be “forever grateful” to the kind donors who helped create the bed.

She said: “Sofia is the happiest little girl in the world with her beautiful, comfortable and most importantly safe new profiling bed.

“This bed has helped us so much. With its profiling functions, it allows us to adjust the height of the bed when inserting and removing Sofia.

“In addition to adjusting the position to give Sofia the best sleeping position and the padded side rails, we can be sure that she is safe.

“With its vinyl sides, Sofia allows you to look outside and not feel too locked in.

Sofia with mom Melissa Berretti
Sofia with mom Melissa Berretti

“And don’t forget that it’s a beautiful pink color, it’s cute and girly for our princess!

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“We can’t thank everyone enough for their donations. Without the generosity of the people, we would not have been able to finance this on our own.

“We will be eternally grateful”.

Mother Melissa called for help and started the fundraiser after being told that the NHS could not fund a suitable cot for Sofia.

She previously said: “It’s just a shame that the NHS doesn’t have the resources to provide these for children as normal children don’t have to go through this. You can choose between nice beds, but disabled children are only thrown on the used things.

“They have a hard life without not getting nice things.”

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