Five Things Men Love In Bed: From A Clinical Sexologist

Sexy lingerie? dirty talk? Or a new position? What do men actually like in bed? This is a question most women ask themselves in order to sexually please their partners. We spoke to a clinical sexologist and here’s what she has to say.

Have you tried sexy lingerie or a new position but nothing seems to satisfy him in bed? In an attempt to please their male partners sexually, women try many things that may or may not work. We had a conversation with Dr. Martha Tara Lee, a relationship counselor and clinical sexologist, and asked what men love in bed, and she offered us some tips.

Here are five things men love in bed:

  1. Gentleness is the key

The first thing from Dr. Lee mentions is the sensitivity of a penis when it is not erect. The Clinical Sexologist recommends being gentle with the male member and focusing on arousal, as build-up is just as important to a man as it is to a woman.

  1. constant rhythm

dr Martha Lee says once the penis is erect it needs to have a constant rhythm for the man to go over the edge. Too many variations and movements can be distracting and interfere with a man’s build, so try to maintain a constant pace of stimulation so your partner can have better sensational feelings.

  1. amuse yourself

according to dr Lee should not view sex as a duty or chore, nor should one consider himself a mere “giver.” There are men who love to give as much as they receive and enjoy it more when their partners receive the same amount of pleasure as well. It gives them pleasure that you don’t do it involuntarily, but it’s a common thing with mutual satisfaction. “People become happy when they see other people happy.” They are, says the expert.

  1. closeness and intimacy

The era of Wham! bam! Thank you ma’am!” is over. We now have more conscious men who crave closeness and intimacy during sex. Don’t underestimate the importance of closeness and intimacy as they provide men with a safe space where they can be vulnerable when they let their guard down.

  1. Everyone is different

All of the above tips are general observations made by Dr. Lee and may or may not apply to your partner. Not all men like cuddling or women enjoy pleasure as everyone has different preferences in bed.

Anyway, it can be a good conversation starter with your partner, to know what he likes and dislikes in bed, to better know the differences between the two of you and to come to terms with what is relevant to you in your sex life.


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