Ferdinand slams ‘aimless’ Man Utd, Ole from his hospital bed

Rio Ferdinand believe Man Utd “walk around” during the games but insist that everything is “aimless” after Sunday’s 5-0 loss to Liverpool.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer suffered a humiliating defeat against Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp the Red Devils dropped to seventh place in the Premier League.

It’s now just one point from four Premier League games for Man Utd and only three wins in their last nine games in all competitions.

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The summer signings of Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo should take Man Utd to new heights but instead appear to have declined under Solskjaer.

And Ferdinand – who is in hospital with back problems – has told the Man Utd coaching staff to “bore the life out” of the players.

“He has a great collection of players that need to be formed into a team and that is the manager’s job and he has to find a way to do it,” continued Ferdinand Vibe with five.

“The players have to take responsibility, but you have to be prepared to perform at your best, and it doesn’t seem like that at the moment.

“I see Bruno Fernandes pressing, only pressing alone. I see Mason Greenwood pushing alone. I very rarely see where they all go together.

“You look at the Liverpool team [on Sunday] when they went and pushed, they went in as if four and five of them were. You beat a bit of the press on the first run, Andy Robertson is right behind, Diogo Jota right behind, Jordan Henderson, etc. They’re just all in, they all go, they’re all where they’re supposed to be.

“And then right now you have a really fragmented view of the Man United team. This kind of result and performance has been waiting for a long time. It could easily have happened to Villarreal, but we got away with it, Leicester, Newcastle even had chances.

“I haven’t seen United this season and thought, ‘Wow! We totally dominated this team ”, either with the ball or without possession. And that’s what the best teams do.

“City do it, yes, they dominate teams with possession, but they’ll also suffocate you when they don’t have the ball. Because they’re drilled, they’re a team that’s a well-oiled machine. And I’m afraid Man United just doesn’t look like that right now and that’s what’s worrisome. “

Ferdinand added, “Yes, these players are running around, they are running hard, they are sprinting, but it seems aimless and that’s the problem.

“I have no doubt that the coaching staff are working hard behind the scenes, but there have to be big changes to get the most out of these players. But if the players don’t, then they have to be told clearly. Drill life out of people and get them moving. “


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