‘Father of Flies’ Clip Finds Something Shocking Under the Bed [Exclusive]

101 Films looks under the bed with an exclusive sneak peek at Ben Charles Edwards‘ UK horror Father of Flieswhich they’ll be releasing on VOD platforms April 12, 0222.

The film begins when a young boy’s mother is pushed out of the family home and replaced by his father’s girlfriend, finding himself confronting terrifying supernatural forces. Have they always been there, or have they hitched a ride with the new resident?

The film, which was shown at last year’s Screamfest, stars the late Nicholas Tucci (You’re next) with Camilla Rutherford, Sandra Andreis, Davi Santos other PageRuth.

In the following clip, a father comforts his frightened son who says there’s a monster under his bed. You’ll never guess what he finds when he gets down on his hands and knees to look…

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