Family of four forced to share one bed flat stuck on council house waiting list for years

A family from Leeds, West Yorkshire were forced to sleep in a bedroom while struggling to find their family home through the Leeds Homes public housing program.

The couple and their daughter sleep in the same bed with their youngest child in a crib next to them after receiving Priority A for over two years.

Rebecca Dixon and her family currently live in Bramley, Leeds and have been on the priority A waiting list since March 2019.

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Feeling that she and her family are fighting a losing battle, the mother of two claims they have come closest to their eternal home in their preferred area is 13th on the list.

Rebecca currently lives with her partner and 2 children in a 1-bedroom apartment on the first floor – her oldest is 2 years old and the youngest is 7 months old.

The family of 4 currently sleeps in the same room, Rebecca, her partner and her daughter have to share a bed with their youngest in the cot next to her.

Rebecca’s daughter, who is two years old, often moves into the living room to sleep on the sofa so that she has her own space.

Rebecca said, “It’s really sad.

“I want my daughter to be comfortable in her own home, she shouldn’t be forced to live like that.”

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Her home currently has a community garden that she cannot use, and she also claims the property is not ideal with a stroller.

Rebecca said, “It’s as frustrating as they expect us to live like this.

“I’m getting pretty impatient now.”

She claims, “It is not a priority for the Council to leave us for so long in this situation. I am bidding every week and doing whatever I should.”

Rebecca was also with her local MP but claims she got stuck.

The mother has also received letters from her health doctor claiming the situation is worsening her mental health and rubs off on her children.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “Like other public housing landlords, Leeds City Council has more demand for its homes than we can offer, with around 26,000 applicants currently on our housing register.

“Our apartments are allocated in accordance with the law and state guidelines. We operate an election-based rental program called Leeds Homes, which enables applicants who have applied to move to ‘bid’ on advertised properties.

“The number of public housing available for allocation has decreased in recent years, with current sales in Leeds now below 3,000 a year.

“However, we continue to support applicants with assistance in the acquisition of real estate in the private rental sector and through nominations from housing associations.”


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