Experts share bed bug prevention tips after Lincoln ranks as #50 on Orkin’s bed bug list

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Lincoln lands on many good lists. This is not one of them. It cracked Orkin’s top 50 list of bed bug cities to rank 50. The annual list is based on the number of personal and commercial treatments Orkin completed in the previous year.

It’s a plague that many people don’t like to talk about.

“Bed bugs are a really taboo subject,” says Kait Chapman, Extension Educator of Urban Entomology at UNL.

Entomologists have researched the unwanted pests and found that large and growing cities like Lincoln are usually on the list.

“Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers,” said Chapman. You are traveling with luggage. You can travel in shoes and clothes. People don’t even notice it. “

Researching residential insects that affect humans, such as bed bugs, Chapman says they cannot discriminate and affect anyone.

“Bed bugs really don’t care. They are just insects that invade our homes. You are eating blood meals. They don’t spread disease and are not associated with dirt or uncleanliness, ”said Chapman.

Chapman and her team at UNL Extension created bed bug ID cards to help people identify the pest. The card has bed bug features and signs to look out for when inspecting areas that will attract the bugs.

She recommends doing routine home checks and inspecting all sheets, mattresses and other furniture when you travel.

“The most important thing to do if you think you have a bed bug is not to panic. Just assess the situation and don’t be ashamed, ”said Chapman.

Chapman said if you think you have a bed bug, her team is on hand to help. Click here for more information on bed bug prevention and control and how the UNL Advisory Office can help.

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