‘Every bed is occupied’; Quad City health systems near capacity as COVID hospitalizations surge

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Doctors in Quad City say hospital admissions are reaching a “critical point.” In some cases, hospital systems have relocated patients due to a lack of space.

Health officials say the number of COVID cases has not reached the peak the Quad Cities saw in November 2020. However, officials say that when combined with more non-COVID patients, that surge is harder to manage than it was in late 2020.

“Fatigue is not a strong word for the mood in our community right now,” said Amy Thoreson, director of the Scott County Department of Health.

UnityPoint-Trinity announced on November 18 that 26 COVID patients have been hospitalized. On December 8th they have 81.

“Of these approximately 80 patients, 16 or 17 are in the intensive care unit,” said Dr. Toyosi Olutade, Chief Medical Officer at UnityPoint Health.

The recent surge overwhelms the resources.

“You get into situations where you’re not just trying to find actual rooms for patients. We are still struggling to have enough staff to manage our volumes, ”said Dr. Christopher Crome, VP of Medical Affairs at Genesis Health System.

Genesis says they had over three hours of waiting times in their emergency room for non-critically ill patients. If the influx continues, health officials say they are considering postponing electoral processes.

“Case numbers are high, hospital systems are tight and an immediate end is not in sight,” said Amy Thoreson, director of the Scott County Department of Health.

Genesis and UnityPoint say the majority of COVID patients in their intensive care units are unvaccinated.

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