Eric Bischoff Says CM Punk Has “Sh*t The Bed” In AEW

AEW President Tony Khan sparked a heated debate a few weeks ago when he posted several tweets related to WCW and Ted Turner stating that WCW would still exist if the billionaire had 1% of his wrestling knowledge.

That comment led former WCW President Eric Bischoff to defend Turner, stating that Khan’s tweets comparing himself to Turner were ignorant and uninformed. Khan responded to Bischoff when he appeared on Busted Open Radio and shot back at the former WCW leader.

Khan responded that Bischoff told him to just “silence and wrestle” with regard to his comments about the competition with the WWE. The AEW President also mentioned how AEW beat WWE head-to-head in the main demographic (18-49) for 30 minutes and that TNT was “over the moon” on Friday night.

Bischoff responded to Khan’s comments on the latest episode of the 83-week podcast and gave his take on the situation on Friday night. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke about Khan’s comments, indicating that he needed to position CM Punk at the top of the show to get a better rating than WWE at the time to indicate that he is a big star . Bischoff also expressed his belief that WWE’s move to have an additional 30 minutes of SmackDown was done in order for AEW to respond and believes it is having a negative impact on the show.

“Great anticipation for CM Punk, right? I put it down, I was thrilled, ”said Bischoff. “And I’ve never met CM Punk, I’ve never had a conversation with Punk, but I am aware of the justice and worth of this character and the way he was teased and the anticipation that was generated , I was so excited about this. It was the first time in a long time that I’ve seen a truly orchestrated controlled build that really generated the anticipation that I think is such a big part of what wrestling is all about. Since then they have dropped back to 500,000-600,000 viewers. Tony says, ‘Well they decided they’re going to measure up to us and I’ll be punk and sydal ”and that’s not negative, but what did it do? It’s probably not much, but what happened, and that is the art of war, has forced WWE through this overlap with AEW’s time window, forced a situation in which CM Punk is now opening the show. “

“WWE took a step that triggered Tony Khan to take his best-known talent and put him on that time slot, and the show has less than a million viewers. How is this victory? Burning talent, bringing someone into a game with a plot, with no perspective. It was definitely a bad move, but you burned up resources and left with less than a million viewers? “

“WWE brought in more viewers for everything. Pay per view, merchandise, ticket sales, and whatever other metrics you want to identify. WWE delivered more viewers than AEW at a third or fourth level cable outlet than AEW with one of their high profile pieces and new fresh talent, and WWE topped them. Well, if you don’t want to acknowledge that and you want everyone on the internet to focus on an important demo for a period of 30 minutes then hurry up. It’s not real, not in context. My point in this hate speech is that Vince made you take a big step that I thought was less than flattering. “

A few weeks ago, CM Punk commented that AEW’s talent acquisitions were bigger than when WCW brought in Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, stating that wrestling fans would not feel the effects of the big signings until “five years later” will see. Since Bischoff was president of the company at the time, he vehemently disproved these comments, saying, “Punk shit the bed” since joining AEW with high ratings. Bischoff went on to talk about CM Punk and the fact that “The Best in the World” in his eyes has not reached the level promised in AEW and for AEW “has to be careful what you say until you deliver”.

“Punk didn’t deliver,” said Bischoff. “Punk was the guy that came out and his first comments were, ‘The addition of that talent was more significant than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash,’ referring to WCW constantly because they want to be the company, WCW in the mid-1990s . There are constant references to WCW. When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash walked in, we drove off. Punk, you came in and shit bed for the ratings. It is not there and there is really nothing to suggest otherwise. You just have to be careful what you say until you deliver. That comment punk made about these guys being more significant than Hall and Nash in 96, and two weeks after his big arrival, ratings dropped 40-50%.

“That set my fuse on fire. I didn’t want to comment on any of this until punk came out and said, ‘It’s going to be five years before the effects of this talent really show in the reviews,’ right? Are you kidding me? Anyone but an uninformed person is going to be Wrestling fan who loves CM punk, believe this nonsense? It will be five years? Dude you will get AARP mail because it happens once you start turning 50 they start beating you with this shit I let go of that, but then coming out a couple of weeks later after I thought he should be embarrassed and that the reviews are as submerged as they did after his debut makes me suspect he’s not as hot as he tries to get people to make you think it’s him. If he were, the numbers would be much bigger. “

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