‘Enthusiastic’ cocaine dealer was in bed when police raided his house

An “avid” cocaine dealer sending Snapchat photos of drugs and cash was in bed when police ransacked his house.

Abdul Ali, 21, reportedly delivered about 5kg of cocaine and was found in possession of 9.8g of the Class A drug when he was born on the 17th ”

Upon discovering the police were in his bedroom, Ali tried to grab his phone to erase incriminating texts, but officers grabbed his wrists.

Since the defendant was handcuffed, the police could see a plastic wrap with white powder on the bedspread that was later to be cocaine.

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At a hearing in Newport Crown Court on Monday, Ali was asked what was in the package. He replied, “It’s personal, but you’ll find out what it is.”

While searching the defendant’s home on Courtybella Terrace, officers found additional cocaine wrappers, another telephone, £ 240 cash and scales.

The first phone had 415 drug-related messages, an example being “I’m going to take a bag of sniff here”. On the second phone there were conversations about cocaine wholesaling and cocaine manufacturing, suggesting that Ali was a leader over others.

A tick list was found showing the defendant was owed 1,400 pounds, and photos and videos of bundles of cash, a person’s home taken into a drug delivery practice known as “cuckoo”, and from Ali putting £ 500 worth of cannabis in a package.

In an interview, Ali claimed that the cocaine was for his personal use and that the money he found came from his father to cover the cost of a festival.

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The defendant later pleaded guilty to having been involved in the supply of cocaine and cannabis and with the intent to supply cocaine.

To mitigate this, defense attorney Stuart John said Ali had learning difficulties and got into the drug trade to fund his own drug addiction. He suggested that there was also “some degree of manipulation by his client’s colleagues”.

Judge Richard Williams said of the conviction: “You used a telephone line to deliver 5 kg of Class A drugs in the Cwmbran area and you also had cannabis.

“You knew exactly what you were doing, you knew it was wrong, and dealt with drugs with dedication, if not enthusiasm.”

Ali was sentenced to a total of six years in prison.

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