End Covid-19 bed reservation in pvt hospitals: VHA | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The Vidarbha Hospital Association (VHA) has called for bed reservations for Covid 19 patients in private hospitals to be ended now, as positive cases have fallen significantly.
“Although the rule of 8:80 pm is enforced, all hospitals had used dengue beds for non-Covid patients earlier and later because of the mucormycosis,” said Dr. Anup Marar, convener of the VHA.
“Now the administration of this Covid reservation system for beds should officially end. According to the Landes-GR, hospitals should be allowed to carry out non-Covid work to at least more than 50% of their capacity, “said Dr. Marar.
The state government had declared in an earlier GR that in the event of a decline, the beds reserved for Covid should not fall below 50%. State government officials said fewer than 100 active cases had occurred and Covid beds were empty in more than 15 counties in the state. Even in cities, most cases are treated at home and a very small percentage of Covid patients are hospitalized.
VHA has affiliated more than 126 private hospitals in Vidarbha with a total bed size of more than 10,000.
In addition to the private hospitals, there was a demand to restore the building of the trauma center of the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) for accident victims and trauma patients. However, GMCH officials said it had been strategically decided to keep the trauma center’s Covid hospital status for some time.
“The Covid Hospital, developed in the trauma center building, has all the necessary facilities in case the third wave hits us. The hospital also has pediatric intensive care units and ventilators. So it was decided to keep it as a Covid hospital, “said a senior official.
The same strategy was applied to the private hospitals in the Vidarbha region. “The administration still believes the third wave could hit us anytime, especially after school and college reopened. Better to stay safe and be prepared for the spike. A complete withdrawal of the Covid reservation is still not on the map, ”said a member of the state Covid Task Force.
VHA President Dr. Ashok Arbat said the rules need to be flexible and bed reservations can be restored if Covid-19 cases increase and people need to be hospitalized. “In the current phase, not many Covid-19 patients require hospitalization or admission to the intensive care unit. Private hospitals should now be able to focus on post-Covid problems and non-Covid diseases, “he said.


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