Emily Andre doesn’t let her kids sleep in her bed as parents ‘need their own space’

Doctor Emily Andre and singer Peter Andre share two children – Amelia (7) and Theo (5)

Emily Andre won't let her kids sleep in her bed as parents
Emily Andre won’t let her kids sleep in her bed as parents “need their own space”

Peter Andre’s wife, Emily Andre, said she would not let her children sleep in her bed as parents “need their own space”.

The doctor shares two children with the Mysterious Girl singer – Amelia, 7 and Theo, 5.

Your shot comes after I’m a star … Get me out of here! Star Frankie Bridge confessed that the whole family sleeps in the same bed every night.

Emily, who married Peter in 2015, said she couldn’t do the same because she “needs a lot of sleep”.

Emily wrote her column in OK! and wrote: “We let the children stay in our room earlier as a special treat, which they loved, but I didn’t sleep much because Theo kept kicking me in the ribs!

“I don’t have that much time for myself, so I think it’s important to have this breakup and time just for myself.”

She added, “I think children need to understand that parents need their own space and time, and so do they. However, many parents let their children jump into bed with them, which of course is perfectly fine.”

Peter and Emily got married in 2015

The couple excluded more children, as they already have their hands full when they are four.

Peter and his ex-wife Katie Price’s children, Junior and Princess, also live with them.

Emily previously shared a rare glimpse into the family life they enjoy as a six and declared OK! Magazine asking if she would like to expand the family even further.

She told the publication, “No. At the moment I am not thinking of any more children.

“I really enjoy being a mother and my job. I have really enjoyed my job for the last two years and two and I love the time I can give the children now. “

Peter and Katie’s children, Junior and Princess, also live with the couple



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Although they enjoy their family time, Peter once said that sometimes it is “impossible” for the couple to enjoy time together.

The singer once expressed that he feels “guilty” when they are separated from their children, which means that date nights are a thing of the past.

In conversation with presenters Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton on Made by Mammas: The podcast Peter answered how often the couple enjoy dating.

Peter replied quickly: “At the moment it looks like an impossibility!

“We went away for one night for her birthday and literally felt guilty. I’m not kidding!”

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