Editorial: Bed race opens Davie’s Christmas season – Davie County Enterprise Record

Who would have thought?
Tami Langdon, that’s who. And Denise Hendrix, that’s her.
We’re talking about bed races.
Langdon, now Mocksville Community Development Coordinator, and Hendrix, then with the Chamber of Commerce, had come up with the idea years ago. They still host a quality event that is not only enjoyed by many, but also heralds the holiday season here in Davie County.
When I first heard the suggestion, he raised my eyebrows a little. A bed break? What the heck is that? After a little education on what was actually going to happen, I figured that wasn’t a bad idea. It could work elsewhere, but in Mocksville? I thought a little country town like Mocksville, full of conservatives and traditionalists, would definitely not embrace the idea of ​​its neighbors getting on beds on wheels and being pushed down Main Street.
But it worked, and it worked fine.
Today, the annual Twas the Night Before Christmas bed race draws thousands to downtown Mocksville for a night of music and dancing, food and frolic, and of course, bed races.
It’s a blast every year.
There is dancing in the streets between races. Expect a few surprises around this time this year, but yeah, bring your dance shoes anyway.
It’s hard to say who is having the most fun, the participants or the spectators.
The participants, well, they take the task seriously. Sure, there will be cash prizes for the winners, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to design the most fancy or decorated bed that can really be pushed and maneuvered across the street faster than the other competitors. Some of them work well and others, well, they create a lot of excitement.
It is fun. Have fun.
This year’s event is Friday evening. Expect crowds, so get there early and maybe even dine at a downtown restaurant or food truck. Consider parking in the City Hall or Junker’s Mill parking lots. Main Street Downtown – as well as part of Depot Street Downtown – will close at 5:00 pm and beds will be presented at 6:00 pm before the races.
But the bed races are just the beginning.
Downtown Mocksville will be illuminated with white lights delineating the buildings starting Friday night. Until Christmas there are activities like Christmas carols on the street and horse-drawn carriage rides.
Bermuda Run is also strengthening its Christmas game this year. The organizers there were so impressed with the white lights on the Mocksville buildings that they are planning the same for their town. It starts this year, and more buildings are added every year. You imagine people coming to Davie County and visiting both cities to see the lights. They too have a season full of activities planned.
And we have Cooleemee who has old fashioned Christmas programs with Santa and cookies, a parade and sing-alongs every year.
We must not forget the Christmas parade in advance. It’s always great fun.
Yes, Davie County’s Christmas season starts this Friday. The bed race will definitely put you in the mood – a good mood.
And after stuffing your face on Thanksgiving, check out all of the vacation activities planned in our little neck in the woods. You are sure to find at least one that suits your needs.
So get ready It’s Christmas time in Davie County.
– Mike Barnhardt

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