Ed Sheeran’s Daughter is on DEATH BED and Seriously ILL, Doctors are doing Everything to SAVE HER

World famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran tested positive for COVID-19. As sad as the news is, it has also been confirmed that his little daughter Lyra, who is only one year old, also tested positive for COVID-19. However, the singer’s wife, Cherry Seaborn, did not test positive for the deadly virus.

Ed Sheeran has said that he isolated himself along with his young daughter. But that must be very difficult for him, both as a father and as a victim. And it’s also hard to keep the baby away from her mother, Ed Sheeran’s wife, Cherry, who can’t be with them as she tested negative for the coronavirus.

However, the singer sees a positive side in this. He says he doesn’t have much time for his baby due to his tight schedules. But now he can stay with her for 10 days at a time.

Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry welcomed Baby Lyra Antarctica in September 2020. And Ed had planned to take her on a trip around the world too, but that can wait a while now. And Ed Sheeran would have to reschedule his plans now, too. He also posted an official statement on his official Instagram handle. Ed Sheeran should also appear on the next episode of Saturday Night Live season 47, but it seems unlikely in those situations.

That being said, we hope that Ed Sheeran and Baby Lyra will recover soon after the isolation period without any serious complications. Follow Dominique Clare for more updates.

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