Ecstacy Pills with Meth discovered in Bed Linen Parcel sent from the Netherlands

COLOMBO (News 1st); A package sent to Sri Lanka from the Netherlands, allegedly containing bedding and toys, was inspected by Sri Lankan Customs and revealed to be ecstacy pills containing methamphetamine (crystal meth).

The discovery was made by Sri Lanka Customs officials affiliated with Central Mail Exchange while inspecting a package addressed to a Jaffna resident arriving from the Netherlands.

“The ecstasy pills were secretly found hidden in cardboard walls of the package,” said Sri Lanka Customs spokeswoman Sudattha Silva, who is also Deputy Director of Customs.

4,000 pills weighing 1,600 grams were discovered and Sri Lanka Customs Narcotics Control Unit officials put the approximate face value at Rs. 26 million.

A Wellawatte resident who came to the Central Post Office to clear the parcel was arrested by Sri Lanka Customs.

Preliminary investigations into this drug import are being conducted by the officers of the Narcotics Control Unit of Sri Lanka Customs and the suspect and the narcotics stash are to be handed over to the Narcotics Bureau of the Police for further investigation.

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