Dystopian Furniture Design: The Ultimate Gaming Bed

Furniture and accessories manufacturer Bauhutte understands that their offerings are decadent; translating their product copy from Japanese into English yields the phrases “corrupted life,” “forbidden” and “self-degrading.” Perhaps that’s why they can sell, with a straight face, what they’re billing as the “Ultimate Gaming Bed.”

Along with their Gaming Desk, Gaming Mattress and some storage racks, the motorized bed and set-up provides the gamer with everything they need to survive, in a small footprint. The mini-fridge, microwave and a rack for ramen cover one’s nutritional needs, while the hanging rack lets you store luxuries like a second T-shirt.

Unsurprisingly, it’s aimed at singles; the only bed/mattress size offered is a twin. The convenience of having such a narrow mattress is that one never has to reach far to access the remote control; it’s better to save one’s physical energy for manipulating the controller.

The only thing that’s missing is a toilet. Because incorporating plumbing into this set-up could prove tricky, I propose they take a cue from astronauts and develop the Ultimate Gaming Diaper.

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