Dumpster Diver Slams Bed Bath & Beyond for Spray-Painting Bedding

A viral TikTok video shows the disappointment of a garbage diver to find discarded bed linen spray-coated at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Hannah Dorph (@thedumpsterdivingactress on TikTok) filmed and posted the footage from a Bed Bath & Beyond dumpster. The caption reads, “I just don’t understand why they’re trying so hard to destroy. Do you think it would make a difference if they knew I was donating it? “

“Bed Bath & Beyond spray painted all of these bed linen that could have gone to numerous homeless shelters,” Dorph says in the video. “What a waste.”

Many in the comments are speculating that companies like Bed Bath & Beyond are trying to stop people from reselling their items. There are other videos from unrelated places describing a similar practice of spraying unsold items.

“By painting it, it prevents Karens from taking it to sell on Amazon for the homeless to have,” said one viewer.

“Why can’t it still go to the homeless? A little spray paint doesn’t affect its warming abilities, ”asked another in a popular opinion.

“Someone is angrier when they can’t go into their house,” speculated another. “This stuff still warms a homeless person (or) an animal in a shelter. It can also be colored. ”

To Dorph’s credit, she mentioned donating unused items from dumpsters to those in need in previous videos.

The video has been viewed over 300,000 times since it was released on Thursday.

One commentator said that “large corporations do not donate such things because of liabilities,” Dorph pointed out to the Good Samaritan Act. As the commentator noted, however, due to contextual differences, the law is not applicable in all states, nor can it be applied to all matters.

The Daily Dot approached Bed Bath & Beyond and Dorph for a comment.

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* Initial release: November 19, 2021 at 2:44 p.m. CST

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