Due to a surge of Covid patients in China, Beijing hospitals are out of bed

Beijing, the capital of China, is experiencing a bed shortage as more Covid patients, most of whom are older, seek treatment at clinics. Patients were seen breathing oxygen while seated in wheelchairs and resting on stretchers in the hallways.

Even as ambulances continued to deliver patients, the Chuiyangliu hospital in Beijing ran out of beds by midday on Thursday. The strain on the medical staff has risen as well, and they are now required to prioritize the most essential cases.

Crematoriums have been overflowing for several weeks, and hospitals are struggling to handle the growing number of Covid patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that China is ‘under-representing’ Covid data, particularly the number of deaths since the increase in cases.

After the government abruptly abandoned its stringent lockdown limits under the ‘zero-Covid’ policy, Covid instances increased in China. People who have been unable to develop immunity to the virus for more than three years were exposed to all the varieties over night, which caused a quick rise.

Numerous nations, including India, the US, Australia, Canada, and numerous European countries, announced tighter Covid measures on travelers from China in response to the surge in cases.

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