Drug dealer who lived with mum took photos of cash and cocaine on his bed

A drug dealer who lived at his mother’s house was discovered with photos of cocaine and bundles of money when police confiscated his phone.

James Preece, 30, of Newport, sold cocaine, MDMA, cannabis and Valium to a small customer base for six months before being visited by officials at his home on Jan. 2.

After police entered the property on Oak Road, Rogerstone, that Preece shared with his mother, the defendant became “obstructive” and had to be brought to the ground.

He later calmed down and told the officers, “There are weeds in the house.”

A search was then conducted on the property which revealed a bag of cannabis worth £ 80, £ 790 in cash, two scales of white powder residue, small plastic bags and a number of telephones.

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Prosecutor Claire Pickthall said at a hearing in Newport Crown Court on Wednesday that Preece responded “yes, ok” to her arrest and warning.

Analysis of the phones revealed clear indications that the defendant was involved in the supply of cocaine, MDMA, cannabis and Valium between June 2020 and January 2021.

Ms. Pickthall said, “He notified customers when he would have inventory and sent text bombs to a number of contacts on his phone.

“There were also videos of a large amount of cash on a bed and the defendant said it was over £ 4,500. There were also photos of a bag of cocaine and a video of the defendant snorting cocaine.”

Preece, now from Alexandra Road, Newport, initially denied being involved in the delivery of drugs but later pleaded guilty to being involved in the delivery of Class A, B and C drugs and possession of Class B drugs to be.

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The court heard he had more than 35 convictions – none of which had anything to do with drug trafficking.

To mitigate this, Defense Attorney Gareth Williams said his client’s operation was “immature” and that his client base numbered about 20 people.

He said Preece did business to fund his own drug addiction. He accepted that immediate custody was inevitable, but asked for the shortest possible sentence.

At the sentencing, Recorder Duncan Bould said, “Your motivation was to support your own drug use and make money, and there is evidence that you made relatively large amounts. Class A drugs can be very dangerous for those who use them. “

Preece was sentenced to a total of 30 months in prison.

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