Dressing a Bed for Comfort and a Luxurious Look

Each week, Mansion Global deals with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury homes. This week we’re looking at tips for dressing up a luxurious bed.

A bedroom should be a place of refuge, a cozy break so that we can feel calm and rested when we wake up. Perhaps the most important element of any bedroom is the bed itself, which should be carefully dressed to encourage relaxation and sleep without sacrificing style.

“A well-dressed bed should evoke a feeling of comfort, beauty and luxury,” says Megan Dufresne, director and MC Design in Los Angeles. Ms. Dufresne believes that “the point of a perfectly dressed bed is to take it off and get in.”

But equipping a mattress for this gorgeous look is not as easy as it sounds. We asked a group of designers to provide tips on how to dress a bed comfortably and luxuriously at the same time.

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Thinking about quality right from the start

“The best clothing cannot save an uncomfortable mattress or a poorly built bed frame. The basis of your luxurious bed must be a high-quality mattress on a stable frame.

My favorite mattresses are latex because they hold their shape best and regulate the temperature while sleeping.

“When making a luxury bed, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of good bedding. Use a quilt (a thin insulated blanket that goes over your sheets but under your comforter), a goose down insert in a duvet cover, and then a throw blanket to create a decadent base. This is followed by pillows of various sizes to add volume and texture.

“The word bedspread or bedspread tends to have a negative connotation in the design world. Most bedspreads and comforters are made of cheap fabric and filled with polyester filling that clumps when washed. If you’re using a duvet instead of a duvet cover, Horchow.com has some of the best quality options. ”

Megan Dufresne from MC Design recommended starting with a sturdy bed frame and a high quality mattress.

MC design

Megan Dufresne, chief designer at MC Design in Los Angeles

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Choose luxury linens

“Bed linen with a high thread count and a duvet filled with down provide warmth in the cooler months.

“Thread count is only one factor in determining the overall quality of a sheet, and the nature of the lay determines that number. The use of single-ply yarn results in a higher quality web than a multi-ply yarn. Other factors to consider are the quality of the fibers. Long-staple cotton is considered to be the highest quality material. Percale is a plain weave with a matte finish and has a crisp feel. Satin is silkier and smoother, feels heavier and is more densely woven.

“Matouk is a favorite for sheets and comforters. Not only do they offer beautiful styles and colors, but there is also the option to create bespoke designs. “

According to designer Kristina Phillips, high-thread count sheets are essential when designing a luxury bed.

Marco Ricca

—Designer Kristina Phillips in Ridgewood, New Jersey

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Use European pillows

“Padded headboards create a sense of comfort and provide a padded backrest for sleeping and sitting upright, especially desirable for those who enjoy reading in bed. If you don’t want an upholstered headboard, but rather similarly inviting qualities, four-poster beds are another option that feel particularly cozy and warm with drapery.

“Use three euros; with king-size beds, two can seem sparse. Three euros makes a huge difference when it comes to filling the space and looking extra comfortable and indulgent.

“I love a well-designed stack of pillows, but I wouldn’t go over three layers. You have the pillows for sleeping, then euro or accent pillows and maybe a pillow in front of it. Sometimes I just like two pillow sets if you like it more minimalist and streamlined. “

—Designer Heather Hilliard in San Francisco

Layer different textures

“Crunchy sheets can be topped off with an inviting blanket, a bespoke comforter, and then a comforter folded at the foot so that the layers can be put on and taken off. To give your bed a luxurious look, the layers should vary in sheen, pattern, and texture depending on your interest.

“The colors should be coordinated, but do not have to be too coherent. You want to avoid the “bed in a bag” look at all costs.

“Don’t just think about what the bedding looks like in the context of the room, but make sure to include subtle details such as trimmings on the edge of a blanket or sheets in a tone-on-tone pattern that are best seen up close . “

This bed by Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design doesn’t neglect the details, a must have to avoid a bed-in-a-bag look.

Halkin Mason Photography

Marco Angelucci, Design Director at Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design in Philadelphia

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