Don’t Sleep on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mattress Bed Sales 2021

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While you may have waited until after Thanksgiving for the past few years to start your Christmas shopping, this year it could be a big mistake. Between the labor shortage and the supply chain issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, waiting too long to shop this year could result in the items you want not arriving on time or even not being available for purchase.

If you’ve been waiting for the Black Friday sale to buy a new mattress for yourself or buy one as a gift for someone else, consider making this purchase sooner rather than later. Fortunately, many mattress manufacturers have already started their Black Friday sales so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a lot.

Read on to learn more about the impact of supply chain problems and labor shortages on the Christmas shopping season and discover some of the best Black Friday mattress sales that have already begun!

Why economists predict product shortages this year

By the time you’ve heard the news, you may already be somewhat familiar with the economic issues affecting product supply and delivery. Before we think about where to get the best mattress sales on Black Friday or who has the best mattress sales on Cyber ​​Monday, let’s take a look at why you might want to start shopping for your mattress and other Christmas gifts now.

Many companies are currently suffering from a shortage of workers and materials. These challenges are already affecting the ability of companies to manufacture their products and meet expected demand for the upcoming holiday season. Indeed, some experts appreciate that online The “out of stock” status will increase by more than 150% compared to Christmas 2020 and by more than 350% compared to 2019.

The fact that FedEx and UPS are also struggling to hire enough staff to keep up with the volume of packages expected to be shipped over the next two months. Do you remember the number of delays and delivery issues that occurred around the holidays last year? Well, experts believe both factors will add to even bigger delays this year.

Unfortunately, even goods that companies cannot ship with UPS or FedEx have to have longer delivery times between dispatch and delivery. Tractor units or semi-trailers are responsible for moving over 70% of all goods in the United States. Some estimates currently suggest that one Failure of up to 80,000 truck drivers. In addition, many older truckers are retiring and not enough new employees are being hired to fill the positions.

Another factor that affects the supply and availability of the products you might want to buy this season is the backlog of cargo ships waiting to reach the port of Los Angeles. There are simply not enough workers in the port to unload the number of goods on these ships, so these ships sit for long periods of time with consumer goods trapped inside.

All of these factors mean that you have to reckon with rising costs this Christmas season too. Due to increased demand and limited supply, the prices of many raw materials used to make goods are increasing exponentially. In the mattress industry, for example, manufacturers have to pay between two and three times the price for high-quality memory foam. Unfortunately, many manufacturers will have no choice but to pass these higher labor and material costs on to their consumers in the form of price increases for mattresses and other goods and services.

Those shipping containers that are outside the Port of Los Angeles are also becoming much more expensive for businesses. Mark Werner, the founder of GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep, shared this information with us: “Before the pandemic, we were able to buy a 40-foot shipping container for under $ 3,000 to ship our bed frames and accessories. Now that same 40-foot shipping container costs us over $ 30,000 and will be there in three months if we’re lucky. ”

In addition, there is now a higher demand for mattresses as many consumers want to improve their sleeping environment rather than travel during a pandemic. This increased demand coupled with the major supply problems means problems for those looking to buy a mattress on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

This will prevent you from being negatively impacted by supply chain problems

The best way to avoid supply chain problems is to buy early. You don’t have to worry about asking, “How busy are the mattress stores on Black Friday?” In fact, you can now buy a mattress for yourself or as a gift for someone else in the comfort of your home. Skip getting up to sell early in the morning, stay away from the crowds, and it is best to avoid dealing with a pushy salesperson who isn’t up to your best.

Many companies have already launched their Black Friday mattress deals so you can get your orders sooner and still enjoy the same savings. Below we’ve highlighted some of the best Black Friday mattress sales that have already started. Don’t waste time or worry about the impact of the supply chain; start shopping now!

The best Black Friday mattress sales available online right now

Who Has The Best Black Friday Mattress Sales? Let’s take a look at the companies that have already had their impressive sales for this popular shopping vacation.

Ghost bed

GhostBed’s Black Friday mattress deals are now available and can help you save big money on a new, high quality mattress, adjustable mattress, or accessory. Here is a summary of the current sales:

· 30% discount on mattresses plus two free luxury pillows with every mattress purchase

40% discount on adjustable basic packages (your choice between the GhostBed Classic, Flex, Luxe or 3D mattress plus the GhostBed adjustable base)

30% discount on the comfort package (your choice between GhostBed Classic, Flex, Luxe or 3D mattress plus All-In-One Foundation, two memory foam pillows, a set of luxurious Ghost bed linen)

· 25% discount on accessories

GhostBed always offers free shipping on its mattresses. The company has 20 years of logistics experience in supply chain management and 15 different warehouse locations in the USA. Their experience and ability to ship from multiple locations means your new mattress should arrive in just two to five business days.

Nolah mattress

The Nolah Mattress Black Friday deals look pretty cute too. Check out what they offer:

· Up to 30% discount on mattresses and bedding

· Up to $ 700 off Evolution 15-inch hybrid mattress plus two free pillows

· Up to $ 600 off 11-inch natural latex mattress

· Up to $ 500 off Nurture’s 10 “Children’s Mattress

· Up to $ 300 off Signature 12-inch mattress plus two free pillows

· Up to $ 250 off original 10-inch mattress plus two free pillows

· Up to $ 400 off adjustable bases

· Up to $ 100 off the platform bed

· Up to $ 30 off bamboo mattress protectors

· Up to $ 50 off mattress toppers

· Up to $ 50 bamboo cotton sheets

· 2-pack of squishy pillows valued at $ 20

Repair sleep

Mend Sleep also recently announced its Black Friday sale. They offer a 35 percent sale across the site and free pillows for every mattress purchased. Purchase multiple items to save up to $ 1,000. Using code DISCOVER25 will save an additional $ 25 on your order.

Other online mattress manufacturers

If you’ve been waiting to see Purple Mattress’ Black Friday specials, you need to check out their website. Purple and Casper Mattress Black Friday specials don’t seem too different from year to year. Casper’s specials are already out and with only up to 20% off it doesn’t look like they are offering as much discount as some other companies.

avocado Mattress Black Friday specials are currently not being published. If you are fascinated by avocado’s natural, certified organic mattresses, you can try the GhostBed natural mattress instead. The GhostBed natural mattress is made of natural and organic materials such as GOLS-certified organic Dunlop and Talalay latex, organic cotton and natural wool. GhostBed is currently also offering a Black Friday discount of 30% on its natural mattress.

Looking for deals on Nectar Mattress Black Friday? Well, they’re not quite finished either, but you might consider trying the GhostBed Classic mattress. This mattress is 12 pounds heavier than the Nectar mattress (in the queen size) and features a comfortable 4-layer design. The 1.5-inch ventilated latex layer dissipates heat from people while they sleep, while giving the mattress perfect elasticity. The mattress also has a 2-inch layer of memory foam that improves its cooling properties by drawing heat away from the body for long-term overnight comfort.

Black Friday sales from retail stores

You may also be wondering, “What are the mattress company’s Black Friday deals?” The company’s website lists some mattress companies’ Black Friday sales with up to 50% off. Be aware, however, that in-store retailers often have to raise the price of their mattresses to cover expenses, such as: That 50% savings might not be as good as it sounds.

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The answer to “Where to Buy Mattresses on Black Friday” is today. And the time to buy is now. Don’t wait for mattress deals on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday to buy your new mattress or a mattress to give to someone else. As mentioned earlier, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increased demand for mattresses can result in lengthy delays or in not getting you the mattress you actually want. Many retailers already have their Black Friday mattress deals up and running, so there’s really no need to wait!

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