Doing up ‘Breakfast in Bed’ with style | Rogersville

Wake up early this Mother’s Day if mom is typically the one who tools in the kitchen to feed everyone. Breakfast in bed will get her special holiday off to a great start.


First, consider what she loves for breakfast, rather than what dad or the kids prefer. You’re thanking her for the many sacrifices she makes every day for your family. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s something she especially loves. For the biggest surprise, consider a make-ahead dish so that there’s not a lengthy — and perhaps noisy! — preparation period that might awaken her too early. Oven-baked French toast is a relatively easy option. You can also try biscuit cups, breakfast wraps or an old standby like pancakes. Make sure everyone knows where everything you need to prepare things is located in the kitchen. If possible, pull out needed kitchenware.


If you decide to cook first thing on Mother’s Day, keep it simple. Whatever you make needs to be prepared quickly and — perhaps most importantly — quietly. So if you’re a true amateur around the stove, consider an easier task like scrambled eggs rather than a more complex omelet. If you’re more of a pro in the kitchen, try something trendier like substituting egg whites — or something more culturally specific, if it applies. Worried that any activity in the kitchen will wake her? Sneak out for a run to the local farmer’s market or bakery for something fresh and tasty.


How it all will look is a big part of the surprise. You don’t want to serve her a plate of runny eggs and burnt toast. So take your time with plating the meal, then decorate around the plate with flowers, herbs or slices of fruit. Buy a tray with four legs, if you don’t already own some.

Consider selecting one with a design that you know mom will love. (If you plan out far enough, you could provide an extra surprise by getting the tray customized by a local woodworker with a special message or dates.) Find linens to place over the serving tray, adding a splash or color or patterned flair.


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