Dogs Take Sick Labrador for Walk on Wheeled Bed in Tear-Jerking Video

An emotional video showing a sick Labrador being dragged into a dog bed for being unable to walk has gone viral online.

In the footage posted on TikTok by an account called MyLabrachildren, we can see a chocolate brown lab named Remy lying in the fluffy bed that sits on a trolley.

Two more Labradors – one brown, one blonde – flank the beds, tied to a leash, as if they were going for a walk with their conspecifics.

Text above the clip explains, “They said I should euthanize my dog. I’m pulling the cart. I said no. I’ll do anything to keep you happy.”

The older pet can be seen barking with delight while the other dogs wag their tails as they quietly walk beside her.

The text then reveals that Remy sadly passed away and says, “Remy. August 20, 2005 – August 20, 2018.”

The cute footage shared on October 15 was headed, “Never give up on your dog. There are things we can do to help him on his journey #mylabrachildren #chocolatelabrador #yellowlabrador #labrador. “

The video that can be viewed here has had a lot of resonance online since it was released, and at the time of writing it received over 2 million views and nearly 250,000 likes.

Lots of people rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One TikTok user known online as Mindy Birk wrote, “Never bring your dog in unless he is in pain every day. Treat him like a puppy.”

Another person, Connie Taylor added, “Your fur baby will tell you when the time is … never listen to others. You deserve all your love until the end.”

John Banuelos typed: “I can watch this over and over again. She barks like a thank you … she’s having fun.”

Mary Constance revealed, “People have told me the same thing. I had an 18 year old Doxi who was half paralyzed and completely incontinent.

“But she wasn’t in pain and he was always in a good mood … she died naturally in her sleep. She needed a lot of care in the end, but she was worth it.”

Call Me Cat gushed, “Do is FAMILY, never let them put to sleep! They deserve love and attention.”

Allaana Able revealed: “I have the greatest respect for you. Dogs, cats and other pets are part of the family. “

Keeley-Jade admitted, “I love Labradors. They are like the seals of the land. The best dogs of all time. “

User6103049826631 commented, “I love it, you will always know when your babies are ready to go. This beautiful girl was definitely not ready.”

Dog wrapped in blanket
An archive image of a lab wrapped in a blanket. On TikTok, a sick dog has been walked on a trundle bed and it’s melting the heart of the internet.

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