Dog’s Reaction to Getting Back the Bed He Used As a Puppy Is Everything

It’s so amazing how dogs remember moments from their puppy days.

Parents love holding onto items from their child’s younger years. And after being stuffed in a closet for decades, they’ll eventually take it out and share it with their kids. We’ve been there before! We love it though because it always brings back so many memories.

Believe it or not, dogs seem to remember items from their puppy years as well. At least TikTok user @sejsejlija’s Finnish Lapphund did. She adopted her dog named Grim from her friends and recently they brought over his dog bed from his younger years. Grim’s reaction is absolutely precious, which is probably why the clip already reached over 2 million views within the first day of being posted.

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OMG This is hands down the cutest video we’ve ever seen! There’s no doubt in our minds that Grim remembers this was his bed as a puppy. And the fact that he hasn’t left it since getting it back. Ooh, our hearts!

“It’s like being reunited with a baby blanket!!!” said @epicmed1c. Absolutely! A piece of childhood always brings a sense of comfort. “Sweet baby Grim! He remembered and I’m sure was absolutely elated inside to have his bed back!” added @so_cal_stephanie.

Another TikTok user, @ekana317, said, “And people think that dogs don’t remember what it means the world to them. Love this and love his baby pics. What a gem!” Right?! This is proof that dogs remember so much of their childhood. @melreimers suggested, “It may have other dog smells on it. Maybe he needs a sibling?” YES! We stand by this idea times a million! Grim would be the best big brother.

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