Dog sleeps on govt hospital bed while patients, attendants sit on floor [VIDEO]

MP: Dog sleeps on government hospital bed while patients, carers sit on the floor

MP: Dog sleeps on government hospital bed while patients, carers sit on the floor | Photo credit: Times Now

Key highlights

  • The dog was resting on a bed in the state medical facility.
  • Several patients and their companions were sitting on the floor, as the video clip showed.

Gwalior: In one case of severe medical apathy, a dog was seen sleeping on a hospital bed in the state-run Kamala Raja Hospital in Madhya Pradesh while patients and their carers sat on the floor. A video clip capturing the moment has emerged highlighting the poor state of government hospitals at a time when coronavirus cases are on the rise and the emergence of the highly mutated Omicron variant of the coronavirus of the virus has underscored how dangerous our current situation is is is.

The superintendent of Kamala Raja Hospital who was contacted by Times Now Govind SinghShe said she did not know about the video and quoted that she had joined today. Another hospital official said he was on leave so he had no information about the video. The responsible hospital meanwhile said that he had taken note of the video and given assurances that an investigation would be ordered. Singh reported.

In February last year, video of stray dogs in a patient ward of the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Nagpur had gone viral on social media, prompting the medical facility authorities to open an investigation.

In another case, a disturbing video clip showing a dog eating the body of a girl held on a stretcher at a government hospital in the Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh went viral on social media in November 2020.

The girl reportedly died in an accident, after which her body was taken to Sambhal District Hospital for an autopsy. The video showed the body lying unattended on a stretcher with a bitch feeding on it. A person watching the incident filmed it, revealing gross negligence on the part of state hospital authorities.

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