Does the Ram Revolution EV Have a Full-Size Pickup Truck Bed?

As much as some things change, other things stay the same. Even if the next generation of pickup trucks are full battery electric vehicles, they will be pressed into service to do truck things. So it’s important to some owners whether concept trucks such as the Ram Revolution can fit a stack of plywood or load of gravel. The truth is that the Ram Revolution electric concept truck not only has as large a bed as the fifth-generation Ram, it offers additional innovative hauling space.

The Ram Revolution has a full pickup truck bed

Birds-eye view of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup concept with its glass roof and full-size truck bed.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

The first Ram Revolution EV concept has a full-size, four-door cab and a short bed. That said, it has the same size bed as a fifth-generation Ram 1500 in the same configuration—according to Stellantis.

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