Distraught son says mum with dementia left in urine-soaked bed in hospital canteen

Shalabh Gupta claims his vulnerable mother – who has advanced dementia and does not know where she is – was left naked in the canteen at Hairmyes Hospital in South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Pressure on Scotland's NHS was exposed last night by an angry son who claims his mother was
Shalabh says his mother was left without “privacy and dignity” after being housed outside the hospital canteen

The son of a vulnerable woman with dementia says she lost her “privacy and dignity” when she was left naked in a urine-soaked bed in a busy hospital canteen.

Photos taken at Hairmyres Hospital in South Lanarkshire, Scotland show Shakuntala Gupta, 76, lying in bed next to the front door of the facility’s dining area.

It appears the space is also being used as a storage area as piles of bins, boxes and furniture are also crammed, reports the Daily Record.

Her son Shalabh Gupta said a nurse told him she had been moved there to make room for an emergency.

Shalabh says his mother has dementia and is unaware of her surroundings or where she lives.

She has “no privacy and no dignity,” claimed the desperate man after she was left in a half-bare position with her legs bared in a room where nurses were “sitting and chatting”.

Shalabh Gupta says his mother – who has advanced dementia – was left naked in the canteen at Hairmyes Hospital in South Lanarkshire, Scotland



The door to the dining area was open and it was in the way of a cold train.

There were also visitors outside and she was not protected by a curtain, he added.

Shalabh said, “There was no privacy, no dignity. She had been in a room with a toilet.

“Then suddenly she was in a canteen. There were people sitting in the café, nurses talking at tables and chairs.

“You can’t put someone like that.”

Ms. Gupta is incontinent and needs to be spoon-fed.

She often undresses due to her dementia, and her family say it is totally inappropriate to leave her in such a public place.

The hospital’s senior nurse said the staff “regretted cases where someone felt we failed to provide the highest standard of care.”


East Kilbride News)

Shalabh continued, “It is not appropriate to take a person there, especially someone with dementia.

“And she was lying there wet and cold and doesn’t know where she is.

“I made a formal complaint on the NHS website. She can’t complain to herself. She is a vulnerable adult. ”

It is believed that she was moved to her own room following the complaint.

Lise Axford, Director of Nursing at Hairmyres University Hospital, said: “We regret any case where someone feels that we are not providing the highest standard of care.

“We have a complaints process through our patient affairs team and would encourage everyone to contact us.”

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