Disney+ series and movies parents can enjoy once the kids are in bed

From hit new series like Only Murders in the Building to brand-new action thrillers like Prey or riotous comedies like Fire Island, there’s something for all tastes when it comes to more mature content on the streamer.

To help you wade your way through it, here’s a list of all the best Disney+ series and movies for parents to enjoy while the kids are in bed.

Disney+ series and movies that parents can enjoy once the kids are in bed

Only Murders in the Building – new season

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building season 2

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building season 2 DisneyPlus

Hit mystery-comedy series Only Murders in the Building is currently airing its second season on Disney+, and if you’ve seen the first season you’ll know what you’re in for – a warm, comfort blanket of a series with well- crafted characters, a strong mystery and hilarious comedy.

Season 2 follows Charles, Oliver and Mabel as they get publicly implicated in a homicide, making them the subjects of a competing true-crime podcast. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez all put in sterling work as the loveable leads, while the series keeps things twisty and turny enough to keep even the most intrepid crime fiction fans on their toes.

Watch Only Murders in the Building on Disney+ here



prey 20th Century Studios

This latest movie in the Predator franchise arrives exclusively on Disney+ on August 5th, and comes from 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg. Set in the Comanche Nation in 1719, it tells the story of a highly skilled warrior Naru, played by Amber Midthunder, who learns the prey she is stalking is, you guessed it, a Predator.

It looks set to be a gory, gritty and fast-paced adventure, with plenty for original Predator fans and newcomers to the franchise to enjoy.

Watch Prey from 5th August on Disney+ here

Fire Island

Fire Island

The cast of Fire Island Jeong Park / Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures

This romantic comedy from comedian Joel Kim Booster tells a classic story in a modern way, loosely adapting Pride and Prejudice for a new audience on Disney+. The movie follows a group of friends who go on an annual trip to gay village Fire Island, but one year find out that their house mother Erin planning to sell the house they stay in.

The group decides to make their last year on the island truly memorable, and what follows is a hilarious yet heartfelt portrayal of LGBT+ sex lives, relationships and friendships. If parents are looking for a summery, fun, yet up to date rom-com, then there really is no need to look any further.

Watch Fire Island on Disney+ here

Atlanta season 3

The cast of Atlanta season 3

The cast of Atlanta season 3 fx

This third season of Donald Glover’s acclaimed comedy drama series only recently hit Disney+, and in true Atlanta style it switches things up in a big way. Our central gang may be on tour in Europe, but a number of the episodes are spent following completely new characters and stories, often in surreal alternate worlds. The series remains as funny, dark and complex as usual and this new anthology style brings something exciting to the table.

Meanwhile, the central cast remain as engaging as ever, as the series continues to explore themes around race, power and class in modern America and abroad. It will continually surprise you and throw you off, but one thing which remains consistent throughout is how ambitious, engaging and thoughtful this one-of-a-kind series really is.

Watch Atlanta on Disney+ here

How I Met Your Father

The cast of How I Met Your Father

The cast of How I Met Your Father hulu

How I Met Your Mother marked a real change for sitcoms, with the series’s central premise, loveable characters and focus on the emotion above and beyond the comedy making it a real treat. Now, this spin-off aims to recapture the magic.

The series stars Hilary Duff as Sophie, a hopeless romantic looking for love in New York City, alongside her friends Jesse, Valentina, Sid, Charlie and Ellen.

Watch How I Met Your Father on Disney+ here


Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan in Fresh

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan in Fresh Disney

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan star in this utterly captivating comedy-horror-thriller about a woman who meets a handsome, charming man in a supermarket, having become disillusioned with dating apps. To describe the plot any further would be to reveal the movie’s secrets and it’s truly best to go in cold – however, even if you do know the basics of how the movie plays out it’s still an exciting, edge-of-your-seat ride filled with twists, turns and double bluffs.

Edgar-Jones and Stan are both enthralling as the central couple, with Stan in particular bringing an energy audiences are unlikely to have seen from him before. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can stick with it, Fresh is a deliciously dark and often hilarious tale.

Watch Fresh on Disney+ here



Flee Disney

This 2021 Danish movie is really one of a kind – an animated documentary which depicts the real-life stories of a man who fled his home country, Afghanistan, alongside real-world archival footage. It’s an utterly moving exploration of the refugee experience which really is like no other.

The English-language dub of the movie comes from executive producers Riz Ahmed and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and was nominated for Best International Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature and Best Animated Feature at this year’s Academy Awards, the first movie to have ever been nominated in all three categories. The feat highlights something which is already clear – that this movie is something truly special.

Watch Flee on Disney+ here

The Dropout

Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout.

Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout Hulu/Beth Dubber

Dramas about real-world disgraced entrepreneurs are all the rage right now, but The Dropout has an ace up its sleeve which the other series and movies in the sub-genre don’t – Amanda Seyfried. The star embodies Elizabeth Holmes in this eight-part series, which documents Theranos founder’s very public rise and fall.

The series has received six Emmy nominations, meaning parents will know they’re in for a supremely well-crafted drama, while the unbelievable true story will keep them enthralled and open-mouthed throughout. With a superb supporting cast including Naveen Andrews, Laurie Metcalf and Stephen Fry, The Dropout is a maddening yet often surprisingly funny retelling of a seriously shocking slice of history.

Watch The Dropout on Disney+ here

the Walking Dead

The walking dead season 11

the Walking Dead Disney

When it comes to full box sets of long-running series, the library on Disney+ really is second to none. Horror fans in particular can rejoice, as the entire series (so far) of The Walking Dead is available, filled with all the blood, gore, shocks and thrills fans know the series for.

If you’re looking to be fully caught up before the adventures continue with Rick and Michonne, Daryl, Maggie and Negan and more, then Disney+ is where you want to head.

Watch The Walking Dead on Disney+ here

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