DiPentima: Sununu’s Hospital Bed Order Doesn’t Prevent COVID-19

So Governor Sununu gives DHHS an executive order to expand hospital bed capacity. He stressed that there would be no emergency statement or mask order.

The hospital bed order does nothing to prevent it, it just leaves space for more sick people. Without enough staff, opening more beds will of course not work.

Wouldn’t it also make sense to keep people from getting sick enough to need hospital? This relieves the burden on the hospitals, which are already scarce in terms of staff.

But Sununu doesn’t think about prevention, that could disrupt its base. His next step will logically be the expansion of morgues and cemeteries.

Rich DiPentima was previously Associate Director of Public Health in Manchester and Senior Epidemiologist in Communicable Diseases for the New Hampshire Public Health Services Division.

This story was originally published by InDepth NH.

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