Did Lisa Ebberson Ever Get Out Of That Bed?

Tonight’s episode of My 600-lb. Life leaves viewers with one big question: Did Lisa Ebberson ever get out of that bed? Now, we already reported on if there was a 2022 update on Dr. Now’s patient and where she is now. Likewise, we also reported exactly when her boyfriend passed away. While viewers appreciate all of this information there is still one big question they want to be answered.

Referencing her own words toward the end of the episode: Was Lisa Ebberson able to get her “fat *ss” out of that bed?

Lisa Ebberson

dr Now believes she’s afraid to try

dr Now explained to Lisa that being bedridden for several years would weigh on anyone’s mental health. He speculated that she was probably scared to stand up and walk after spending so many years laying on her back. He suspected fear was a factor in why she had yet to even try to get up. Now hoped Dr. Paradise would be able to help her sort out her fears so she could get out of the bed.

Lisa Ebberson

Lisa Ebberson willingly participated in one PT session and she had a conversation with Dr. Paradise once time before she was quick to shut everyone out again. At the very end of the episode, viewers learned Lisa had officially quit Dr. Now’s program.

Did Lisa Ebberson ever get out of the bed, though?

So what is Lisa Ebberson successful in getting out of the bed? My 600-lb. Life fans were baffled by Lisa’s episode. For starters, they pointed out her daily planner beside her bed. They noted she never left the bed or did anything. So, they weren’t really sure why they needed a daily planner. Viewers were also confused when Lisa insisted the nutritionist was “wasting her time.” Fans argued that Lisa did absolutely nothing all day, so how could her time be wasted by something intended to help her. Likewise, fans couldn’t fathom why Lisa got so upset about PT happening later in the day. Being bedridden, didn’t Lisa have nothing but time to give to people?

my 600 lb life lisa ebberson

As we reported in our 2022 update on Lisa Ebberson, there really hasn’t been much time that has been that much time that has passed since this episode was produced. Her boyfriend Randy passed away in November. And, she spoke to Dr. Paradise about his death on the phone nearly two months later. So, it has been just a few weeks since they wrapped up filming this episode.

Lisa Ebberson was not fully committed to her diet. She was turning away PT and Dr. Paradise. And, she shut out Dr. Now. Without the assistance of PT, it is highly unlikely that Lisa Ebberson has gotten out of the bed in the few weeks since they finished production.

Unfortunately, most viewers suspect it is only a matter of time before Lisa Ebberson is another My 600-lb Life cast member in media headlines because she passed away due to complications related to her weight.

Lisa Ebberson

Are you bummed Lisa Ebberson likely hasn’t gotten out of that bed yet? Were you hoping she would be successful? Were you rooting for her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on My 600-lb. Life.

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