DHS issues bed bug warning amid college town move-in season

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Before picking up a piece of furniture up off the side of the road during this college move-in season, Wisconsin health officials are urging people to think twice.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reminded people in a tweet Monday that while used furniture could look great in a new apartment, bed bugs would definitely not be a sight for sore eyes.

DHS noted that these small, flat insects feed on both people and animal blood as they sleep. While the bugs do not transmit diseases, they can cause a great loss in property and cost a pretty penny to get rid of.

The agency described bed bugs as being a reddish-brown color and being about the size of President Abraham Lincoln’s head on a penny.

DHS has more information on its website for how to prevent bed bugs and how to treat the pests.

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