‘Depressing’ one-bed flat for rent compared to prison cell and trolled by househunters

The Hamster Cage property in Bolton, Greater Manchester, was slammed by would-be tenants when the landlord was forced to go offline after the editing comments

A property that has been described as the “most depressing single-bed apartment of all time” was compared to “HMP Strangeways” and “Fritzls Keller”.
Facebook users didn’t hold back – and asked who urinated on the mattress

What has been dubbed the most depressing single bed apartment ever has been compared to the infamous Strangeways prison.

The landlord was forced to remove their ads after they were ruthlessly popped online by angry home hunters.

The tenants fanned out after seeing the pad on the Facebook marketplace on Wednesday.

In Bolton, Greater Manchester, described as “an apartment with one bed and one bath”, many were upset that the landlord was charging £ 300 a month.

Frightening pictures show a single “unmade” and “stained” bed on the wall next to a single socket – with the apparently chargeable telephone of the previous or existing tenant and two bottles of water as just other items in the entire apartment.

The tiny apartment in Bolton was compared to Josef Fritzl’s dungeon


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The stick was so strong that the landlord dragged the ad offline


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The property sparked dozens of jokes comparing it to a prison cell, with many asking when the lights were “off” or when the visiting hours were.

Others were so angry they demanded the removal of the ad – which, after being bombarded with hundreds of comments across the multiple entries, were all removed on the same day.

Commenter Mark Keohane added, “F *** me. Even cells have decent windows.

Lindita Hope wrote, “Larger cells seen.”

David Bowen said, “HMP Farnworth.”

Cheeky apartment hunters asked if he paid people to live there


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It was called prison when users pounced on the owner after he posted that the property was for rent


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One commented: “Connections seen in better situation in Afghanistan.”

Another suggested it was an “Escape Room” – compared to the popular game in which participants are locked in generally awkward or even horror-like rooms and have a time limit to find their way outside.

Numerous users said the property was so bad they felt compelled to request removal of the ad, while others suggested that the tenant should be paid to live there instead.

One commenter wrote: “Disgusting. Take the display down. “

Another added, “You laugh? You give the tenant £ 300 to stay in? Yes?”

One said, “You take the shit. Clean it up, put some furniture in and decorate it. I’m not even lying when I say that most prison cells are better than this.

Some of the comments posted on the internet were brutal


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“You can’t rent that out. I’d hang myself if I landed there.”

A fourth added, “What’s the point of asking such a price for a shocking place like this. My dog ​​sleeps in a better place? […]. Greed comes to mind. “

However, while the overwhelming majority condemned the apartment, a small number of commenters defended the ad, suggesting that anyone wishing to rent the room could bring their own furniture.

One said, “I paid more for a worse looking room. You don’t have to use this bed! Bring your own

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Another wrote, “Why are you all having a problem with this? He listed the room for rent. If you don’t need the room or you think it isn’t up to standard, just ignore it. What’s the gripe?”

But among the jokes about the rental, some feared that a vulnerable person would be forced to take the room.

One said, “The sad thing is that it’s being taken in by a desperate person in need of shelter.

“Possibly someone who can’t afford a loan or doesn’t have legitimate documents to secure a home. This is a clear example of the robbery of those in need of protection!

“So wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself. £ 300 for it.”

The landlord declined to comment.

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