Delhi: Over 90 inmates, 80 jail staffers have tested positive for Covid-19

Over 90 inmates and 80 prison officers have tested positive for Covid-19 in prisons in Delhi, officials said on Monday.

The Delhi Prisons Department has set up 50- to 100-bed medical centers in prisons to treat coronavirus patients amid the surge in cases. Most of the patients are treated by the prison doctors.

The data showed that between December and January 15, 99 Covid-19 cases were registered among inmates and 88 cases among staff. These cases were reported from Tihar, Rohini and Mandoli prisons.

Sandeep Goel, the Director General (Delhi Prisons), said: “We have been monitoring cases and there have been no serious Covid cases so far. Doctors stationed in prisons take care of infected people.”

To prevent a further surge, the department has also converted prison pharmacies into Covid care centers. An oxygen system will also be set up for the patients in Tihar prison.

Most of the patients have mild symptoms and have been transferred to isolation cells set up within the prison complex. However, asymptomatic patients are in other cells.

In Tihar, a 120-bed hospital has been converted into one that only treats Covid patients. They were also allocated 40-50 beds in Mandoli and Rohini prison.

Staff are also screened regularly and committees have been set up to look after infected patients with comorbidities.

Meetings between inmates and family members have also been suspended, among other outdoor activities.


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