Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone of new 1,430-bed hospital

In order to improve the health infrastructure in the city and prepare for possible further waves of COVID-19, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal laid the foundation stone for a new hospital with a capacity of 1,430 beds in Shalimar Bagh on Sunday.

The hospital would be completed in six months at a cost of 275 billion yen, he said. He announced the government’s plan to build seven new hospitals with a total capacity of 6,800 beds over the next six months.

“The Delhi government is taking all necessary steps in view of the possible third wave of COVID-19. We will create such a system where every citizen of Delhi will have their own health card. It used to cost 1 billion yen to make a normal bed, but our government only spends 20 lakh on an ICU bed, ”said Kejriwal.

“All 1,430 beds in the hospital will have intensive care units. If you want to use it as a regular bed you can and if you want to use it as an ICU bed, all of the ICU infrastructure will be available on all 1,430 beds, ”said Kejriwal.

Regarding the Health Information Management System (HIMS), the Prime Minister said that in the next year and a half, every citizen of Delhi will have their own health card. He went on to say that HIMS will eliminate queues in hospitals and people can use a computer or app to make an appointment with the doctor and get free treatment.


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