Delaware lawmakers eye tenant protections from bed bug infestations

A bed bug was put in a glass tube so that bed bug sniffing dogs could train to find the pests. Bed bugs are not at all uncommon. The bloodsuckers are nocturnal and masters at hiding, but bed bug sniffing dogs detect the insects. (Photo by Sina Schuld

The state Senate voted unanimously for legislation prohibiting Delaware landlords from renting residential units with known or suspected bed bug infestations.

The bill approved Tuesday also requires landlords to notify prospective tenants if an adjacent unit or units are infested with or being treated for bed bugs.

It also requires landlords to promptly respond to complaints of actual or suspected bed bug infestations, and provide remedial measures if necessary.



Landlords also would have to keep written records of all complaints and control measures for two years. The legislation now goes to the State House for consideration.


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