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By Prateeksha Shetty

Released: Thu Jan 27, 2022 11:38pm

I’ve been trying to correct my sleep pattern for many years, but I can’t correct it. Even if I make amends, I fall back into the sleep-in cycle. I’ve always wanted to be someone who wakes up before sunrise, but then I go to bed. – Akshay B.

Dear Akshay, I’m not sure if your concerns are issues with sleep cycle, sleep quality, or your measurement of proper sleep patterns. It would be helpful if you researched the factors mentioned as it is quite possible that your expectations have become unrealistic. It’s important to realize why you want to be the person who wakes up before the sun rises. Everyone has a different body rhythm, some function best late at night while others feel better in the morning. If your temper doesn’t allow you to wake up according to your expectations, maybe it’s time to give it up or reduce it to something more manageable. Sometimes accepting ourselves for who we are goes a long way in reducing stress. However, if the problem is that you’re having trouble going to bed or staying asleep because of unhealthy sleep habits — online scrolling, upcoming work, stress, or inconsistent sleep schedules — then these are definitely things you need to work on. Best sleep hygiene practice is to avoid anything arousing or exciting (caffeine, online content, arguments, books, etc.) a few hours before bedtime. Developing a sleep ritual where you help the body relax can help people better prepare for sleep. I suggest that you identify barriers to a better sleep regime that can help you develop solutions more holistically.

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