Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami Tries to Escape, Plus Kristen Blackmails Ava and Gwen

In the interrogation room, Chad tells Kristen that the judge won’t leave her there until her trial. She’s back in Statesville. Chad orders her not to flee again. She promises. She’s just going to hire more lawyers to appeal. She asks him to bring her something to eat before she is moved. As he leaves the room, Kristen takes the phone out of his jacket.

Kristen grabs Chad's finger from across the interrogation room in Days of Our Lives

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Gwen wakes up in bed and sees Xander packing to find Sarah. She asks what about them? He says, “We’re not there. Not anymore, ”and leaves. Gwen wakes up in bed next to Xander, who asks what’s going on. They have sex, and then Gwen checks her phone, hoping for a message from Jack. She sighs when she doesn’t find one.

Xander is taking a shower when Gwen receives a call from Kristen. The jailer threatens to tell Xander about Sarah unless Gwen gets her out of jail. In a panic, Gwen says that she would help her immediately, but she doesn’t know how to do something like that. Kristen will help her.

Gwen sits up in bed when Xander packs a bag in Days of Our Lives

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Ava and Rafe kiss in bed until he says he has to go to work. She says she has to find a job herself – this time without threats or blackmail. He grins and says this is a good plan. She is grateful that he gave her another chance after trying to steal Gabi’s company.

After Rafe leaves, Kristen calls Ava. She needs a favor, but Ava isn’t going to risk her life with Rafe. Kristen threatens to tell him the last time she helped her escape, so here’s what she has to do …

Chad returns to the interrogation room while Kristen clears her call from his phone book. He’s upset, but she lies about wanting to call Brady.

Kristen in the interrogation room in Days of Our Lives

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Xander goes back to bed while Gwen lies about talking to Chad on the phone. She says he berated her for what she did to his family. Xander thinks Chad should move on because he still has the love of his life – unlike some people. Gwen wonders if he’s talking about himself. Xander assures her it’s not him. He moved on from Sarah. She looks worried.

Ava later knocks on Gwen’s door. She says she is her new partner in crime.

Gwen opens the door to a garish Ava in Days of Our Lives

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EJ is sitting next to the hospital bed of a sleeping Susan. He cries and says he’s sorry for everything. Nicole comes in to check on him and finds that he looks terrible. He explains that Susan was too scared of the devil’s return, so he stayed with her all night. Nicole asks if Susan still had a psychotic break. He leads her away to talk in the hallway.

In the lobby, EJ tells Nicole about Susan’s ordeal. At first he thought it was a sham, but Steve believed Susan’s version of what had happened. After all these years of being ashamed of her, Susan was still ready to sacrifice her life for his. He bursts into tears when she says he doesn’t deserve it. Nicole is holding him. He summarizes, embarrassed to see him chatter. Nicole points out that his vulnerability only makes him more human and more attractive. He points out that that didn’t get him very far with Sami. She thinks it’s strange that he hasn’t heard from Sami because she really wanted to make up. He blames himself for pushing her away. He was cruel – and not only when he found out about Lucas. He was emotionally abused by his wife for a year.

EJ points out that Susan is still full of love after her trauma, but he didn’t want anyone with him while he recovered. Sami fought for him long after he gave up life and he was a monster to her. He’s grateful for everything she did for him, but she doesn’t know because he told her to stay away – and she did. Nicole says it sounds like he regrets it. He assures her that he has no regrets after Sami cheated on him. She is gone and he goes on. He holds Nicole’s hands and thanks her for looking after him. He also thanks her for just listening and not scolding him for his previous behavior. He is where he wants to be. It is also.

Susan smells a bouquet of flowers in the hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

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Susan wakes up in her hospital bed to find Xander standing by her bed with flowers. He wanted to thank her for opening the eyes of his unfaithful fiancée, but Susan has no idea what he’s talking about.

In her dingy room, Sami pounds on the door to be let out. Jason, her guardian, opens it. He tells her there won’t be breakfast today until he gets back the phone that she stole. If she doesn’t give it up, he’s going to do something far worse than just take the food away from her. Sami reluctantly hands it over as she begs him to let her return to the people she loves. He shakes her off and charges the phone so he can find out who she called. She confesses to calling her mother, who was sick, and her husband, but the phone has died. Jason read the tabloids, he knows EJ left them. Sami assures him that EJ would pay a ransom for her anyway. Jason replies that his employer is not interested in money. Sami asks to know who it is. Jason repeats that she will never get this information out of him.

Jason later brings Sami a tray of food. Sami takes everything from the tray and hits him on the head with it. She runs out of the room.

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Sami attacks her kidnapper on Days of Our Lives

Further on Days of our lives: Xander makes a discovery and Kristen gets another visitor.

Sami has already been through many bottlenecks and has fought his way out of them. While we wait to see her get out of her latest predicament, the photo gallery below can refresh your memory of Sami’s many trials and tribulations.

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