D.El.Ed admission scam in Lakhimpur a shocker for TET aspirants

Some candidates who will take the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) have exposed a huge scam that has emerged in the name of admission to the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) course in the Lakhimpur district of Assam.

The D.El.Ed course is offered as part of Open Distance Learning (ODL) in various teacher training institutes in the Lakhimpur district.

“The institutes that started the D.El.Ed from May 2017 in ODL mode have closed the program since March 31 of this year,” said sources.

“But some teacher training institutes in the district have continued to enroll students in the same degree for high fees,” added sources.

Sources further claimed, “The institutes offering the course collected 20,000 rupees as fees from applicants for admission in previous dates by issuing receipts of only 12,000 rupees.”

The Basic Training Center (BTC) Azad, located near the city of North Lakhimpur, which is the county seat of Lakhimpur, is one such training institute that allegedly has such fraud taking place.

Aside from BTC Azad, Dhakuwakhona Normal School, Madhya Subansiri College, Oboniri College, KKD College, NCD College, and Mother Teresa School – all under the Dhakuwakhona subdivision – are also investigating alleged admission scams of backward entry into the D.El.Ed course in ODL mode.

Dhakuwakhona normal school
Dhakuwakhona normal school. Photo Credit – Northeast Now

“The fraud also includes some private and state schools where the heads of the institutes allegedly collected an amount of 5,000 rupees from each candidate for issuing certificates of experience,” sources said.

The heads of many government institutes in Lakhimpur District have reportedly accepted money to make their institutes’ District Education Information System (DISE) available to candidates for the D.El.Ed program.

“The institutes that offer D.El.Ed courses in Dhakuwakhona charge fees of Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000 for retrospective admissions,” claimed one TET candidate on condition of anonymity.

“Many cash receipts issued by such institutions also do not have the District Education Information System (DISE) code,” said the TET candidate.

This has attracted TET candidates from across the state to crowd into North Lakhimpur and Dhakuwakhona to collect D.El.Ed certificates with backdated admissions after the latest ad made qualification as mandatory to take the proficiency test for Teacher prescribes.

It is worth recalling that the Lakhimpur District Administration opened an investigation into allegations of irregularities against BTC Azad in June this year.

The investigation carried out by another deputy commissioner ADC and the director of the District Institute for Education and Training (DIET) in Lakhimpur revealed irregularities in the admission process of the D.El.Ed program at the institute.

Amid these allegations, on Friday the director of the State Council for Education, Research and Training suspended the coordinator of BTC Azad, Lakhimpur, from his duties.

The suspended coordinator of BTC Azad, Lakhimpur is Bipul Borah.

In response to the suspension, Jibon Rajchowa, president of the All Assam Unemployment Association, said, “We are demanding the arrest of Bipul Borah for his involvement in the registration fraud.”

“The BTC Azad is playing a foul with the unemployed youth of the state and strong measures are to be taken,” added Rajkhowa.

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