Cyber Week Deals 2021: Bed Head’s Blow Dryer Hair Brush Sale

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I don’t know why it took the beauty world so long to develop hot air brushes. I love my curls now, but before I would kill my arms with a double fist of a round brush and a 15 pound blow dryer for a shiny blowout. Now it’s so easy to secure the pouch (straight hair) in place by running a hot brush through your hair and letting it do the job. Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is the reigning champion, but the Bed Head version is available for even less money – and it’s so good that reviewers say they’re “honestly pissed off at how well this thing works”.

“That’s the only thing I use now,” continued the buyer. “It dries my very thick, medium-length, coarsely wavy hair in HALF the time and makes my hair softer and smoother than if I had ironed it straight.” This kind of passion is not easy to spark, but the hot air brush manages it with its voluminous mix of bristles and three heat settings. The price is typically $ 60, but Cyber ​​Monday cut the label 62 percent and lowered it to $ 23. I know.

Other people repeat the shock and awe at how well the Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush work, and even professional hairdressers leave comments on the impressive results. “This dryer is SO much better than the Revlon One-Step,” they wrote. Where the Revlon’s larger size and weight took them off, the bedhead has a more streamlined profile, lighter weight, and quieter operation, so they “jumped” on an earlier $ 30 sale ASAP.

Amazingly, the praise rises from there. “This hot air brush made me cry, but in an amazing way. After spending YEARS recreating the salon blowout, I’ve always failed miserably, but after using this thing I cried with joy,” wrote a shopper with super thick, “extremely” frizzy hair in a review titled “Love that hot air brush a bit more than my husband, lol.” Their old routine would take over an hour, they said, plus extra time to straighten with a straightening iron – but just like Fleetwood Mac, they’ll never come back.

“After 30 minutes of use, my hair was completely dry without frizz and I looked like I was leaving a hair salon,” they concluded. “It’s so soft and [the brush] Doesn’t make my hair smell burned like a blow dryer and straightener. I am totally in love with this tool and it is so easy to use. I never leave reviews of things, but I had to preach the gospel on this little gem. ”

Others call the “amazing” tool the best $ 40 they have ever spent. The deal is so good the brush is temporarily sold out, but you can still order now – and based on the reviews, you’ll thank yourself once it arrives. Get the bed head brush for $ 23 on Amazon in one final hurray for Cyber ​​Week sales.


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