Cronin have released new single ‘When Everybody’s Gone to Bed’

The group are set to announce dates for an upcoming EP and album release later in the year.

Cronin are kicking off 2023 with new single, ‘When Everybody’s Gone to Bed’. Frontman Johnny Cronin speaking on the new track says, “We’re channeling The Kinks, Elvis Costello and 60’s garage vibes.”

“We wanted to write a song Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf could sing,” he explains.

“We had a mad night a few years back in the 8mm bar in Berlin and met a fellow that was a cross between Brian Ferry and Bella Lugosi. He said his name was Sebastian Melmoth which I knew was a pseudonym that Oscar Wilde took in his years later.”

The track is a first for Cronin, with the mix being in mono, teasing the old school style of the early 60’s.

Friend and collaborator Ger Eaton features on Vox Continental Organ, with recording duties falling upon Mick Cronin and Karl Odlum. The new recording was mixed by Ger McDonnell, who has previously worked with U2, and mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering.

The single’s cover art is a snapshot by Noel and Liam’s brother Paul Gallagher taken in Longford town on November 22.

The boys who have just returned from Groningen for Eurosonic have both an EP and album planned for later this year with festival dates soon to be announced.

Stream ‘When Everybody’s Gone to Bed’ below.

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